“[…] in the end I found myself with all these works and I got the idea of putting them all into one place where they could be on a sort of permanent display for anyone who wanted to really understand iron culture.”
Toni Benetton

Adriano Madaro (by), “Toni Benetton”
Monograph published by Banca Popolare di Asolo e Montebelluna, 1987

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The Toni Benetton Museum was established in 2000 at the bequest of the Benetton Family with the intention of keeping the spirit with which Toni had purchased Villa Marignana alive by collecting his works and making them available to everyone.

Located in Marocco di Mogliano Veneto in the Province of Treviso, the Museum hosts the masterpieces of Toni Benetton, a 20th century sculptor whose preferred means of expression was iron. The collection ranges from works of his younger days to his latest creations positioned in the immense and suggestive Museum-Park of  Villa Marignana Benetton.

More than 60 works of art have been placed between centuries-old trees in a 20,000 square meter park, where Macrosculture (Monumental sculptures) accompany the visitor along this pathway through culture.

Walking through the rooms of the Museum and then past the Art and Nature in the Park offers the intense experience of a journey through the personal and professional life of the Maestro, Toni Benetton.